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Skype Introduction

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Using Skype at BIMSB with internal and external partners for [a] one-2-one video-discussions, [b] telephone-conferences (voice-only calls) with more than 2 participants, and [c] for webinars-light (sharing one "speakers" desktop) with one (!) "listener". [P]

Using Skype at BIMSB

Skype is a telephone application for your computer, users need a headset (microphone/headphones) or (more comfortable) a WebCam with built-in microphone and external speakers (or headphones, if others in the room should not be disturbed too much). 

Besides basic voice-transmission, also text-chat (instant messaging) is available, and recent versions of the skype-application also permit to transmit live-video (from a webcam), desktop-sharing (view-only) and file-transfer.


Before using Skype at BIMSB, you have to (a) install the Skype software, [Windows-users also have to install the WebCam-software first] and (b) create an accout at Skype. After loging in to Skype, You maybe have to configure Audio and Video. (All this is explained in detail on the Installing Skype page)

For using Skypeg, you have to login and gather the other BIMSB Skype-contacts, afterwards you can initiate or receive calls and start video or screen-sharing.

Notice: Figures are not shown when you are a Guest at this website - you have to login to get them displayed...

Login to Skype

mac-3-Skype-Welcome.pngRemember that you've already created an account, right after installing Skype, so now you can log in by typing your Skype Name and Password into the respective fields.


To avoid disturbance, you may want to uncheck the "auto-start" / "auto-login" options. Since your second login, your previously used skype name will be avaliable in the drow-down list.

Making Contacts

You have to get known about the skype names of all your possible contacts. Your future contacts have to confirm the contact, so that you can (a) see them, being "online" and (b) call them easily. To populate your contact list, do the following... 

  • In the Skype-Menu-Bar, you find the entry "Contacts" with the sub-entry ...
    • "Search for Skype Users ..." (for Windows), or
    • "Search for People on Skype ..." (for MacOS).
  • You can start a simple search for "mdc <family name>" to find an individual, known contact at BIMSB.
  • You can do an "advanced search" for "mdc" and City = "Berlin" to easily get an overview of all (yet existing) BIMSB-users of Skype.
  • Highlight the desired contact and click [Add contact]. Now you will be introduced to the selected person with the message that you type in. Then click [send]. You Contact has to confirm you, before you can call him or her.


After You've established all your needed contacts at BIMSB (any maybe abroad), you can open the privacy-tab in the Skype-settings (Windows: "Tools --> Options", MacOS: "Skype --> Preferences") to limit the persons that may call you to "members of your contact list".

Initiate a Call (prerequisit for video or screen-sharing)

Choose the desired contact in your contact list and click on the green telephone button.

Your communication partner has to "pick up" the call. Then you have an audio connection established and can hear each other. The red telephone button easily terminates you call. Further functions are quite obvious...

Video-call and Screen-Sharing

Only in the one-to-one scenario, you can transmit your WebCam's picture of you (or the content displayed on your screen) to your communication partner. Click onto the "Video-Cam" button or "Screen-Sharing" button respectively. 

Conference Calls

You can talk to more than one person at a time, to do so, you have to selected more than one of your contacts at once and click the green telephone button.


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