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BIMSB Bioinformatics Core

Dear visitor, please be aware that you're visiting a read-only version of (available online only for historical purposes).
Furthermore, is not anymore available, its content being available under the ___Software___ section.

Data Privacy

This site is covered by the MDC Data Privacy policy (

Data Privacy - Read More…


This folder contains useful information on the compute infrastructure at BIMSB and how to use it, set things up, etc.

HowTo - Read More…


Bioinformatics solutions from the BIMSB bioinformatics group

Service - Read More…


Open positions for students, graduates, postdocs and others

Jobs - Read More…


This folder contains public data sets, which were released by BIMSB members

Data - Read More…


Folder with teaching material for various lectures and courses

Teaching - Read More…


This folder contains links to tools and websites from the BBC group

Software - Read More…

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