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Bioinformatics solutions

This section gives a short summary on the bioinformatics solutions, which we offer. The Bioinformatics Group 'Bioinformatics in Quantitative Biology' aka 'BIMSB Bioinformatics / Mathematical Modelling' strives to provide state-of-the-art solutions on a collaborative basis. If you are interested in our support, please contact Christoph Dieterich (christoph.dieterich at mdc-berlin dot de)

Sequencing data

We process data from all current next-generation sequencing platforms as well as traditional Sanger sequence data. Generally, data processing involves the removal of adaptor sequences and quality clipping. All subsequent analyses depend on the application and type of data.


Genomics / Genotyping

  • Sequence variation detection / Resequencing applications
  • de novo assembly
  • Copy number alterations
  • Genome rearrangement studies


  • Transcriptome assembly
  • small RNA analyses
  • Splice variant discovery


  • Protein / DNA binding
  • Protein / RNA binding

Metagenomic / Population studies

  • Species enumeration


Mass spectrometry data



Functional annotation / Sequence analysis

Genome annotation

Motif discovery

Regulatory module detection


Network / System level analysis


Whole Genome Evolution



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