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ACCUSA - accurate SNP calling on draft genomes

SUMMARY: Next generation sequencing technologies facilitate genome-wide analysis of several biological processes. We are interested in whole-genome genotyping. To our knowledge, none of the existing single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) callers consider the quality of the reference genome, which is not necessary for high-quality assemblies of well-studied model organisms. However, most genome projects will remain in draft status with little to no genome assembly improvement due to time and financial constraints. Here, we present a simple yet elegant solution ('ACCUSA') that considers both the read qualities as well as the reference genome's quality using a Bayesian framework. We demonstrate that ACCUSA is as good as the current SNP calling software in detecting true SNPs. More importantly, ACCUSA does not call spurious SNPs, which originate from a poor reference sequence. AVAILABILITY: ACCUSA is available free of charge to academic users and may be obtained from ACCUSA is programmed in JAVA 6 and runs on any platform with JAVA support. CONTACT:

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